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Why should I offer cryosurgical treatments in my practice?

Cryosurgery with Cool Renewal is a great alternative to scalpel removal and traditional liquid nitrogen methods for removing skin lesions. Treatment with Cool Renewal is minimally invasive, thus minimizing pain, bleeding and complications commonly associated with scalpel removal. Unlike traditional liquid nitrogen, Cool Renewal does not require expensive equipment or maintenance, and does not evaporate when it is not being used. Cryosurgery with Cool Renewal is a quick, 1-minute procedure which allows physicians to treat skin lesions in house rather than referring to a specialist and losing revenue.

How is Cool Renewal® different from cryosurgery with Liquid Nitrogen?

Cool Renewal cryogen is NOT liquid nitrogen. Cool Renewal uses a non-flammable, refrigerated gas that is an alternative to liquid nitrogen and freezes at -70°C/ -94°F. Treatment with Cool Renewal or Liquid Nitrogen will produce the same results- freezing of tissue, tissue destruction, scabbing, sloughing of dead tissue, and new healthy tissue growth. With Cool Renewal, there is no need for a large, expensive Dewar or Cryo Gun, no scheduling the gas company for a tank refill, and most importantly, Cool Renewal does not evaporate. Cool Renewal cryogen is contained in a small and portable aerosol canister, which can be disposed of with regular trash when it is empty. 

Does treatment with Cool Renewal® require anesthesia?

The use of anesthesia is not required; however this may depend on the patient being treated and the location of the skin lesions being treated. Most patients will feel a small sting as the cryogen is initially applied, but since the cryogen is so cold, the area being treated is usually numb within seconds. 

How many treatments will I get from one Canister of Cool Renewal®?

The number of treatments/ freezes per canister will vary depending on the size of the lesions you treat. Based on an average size lesion of 5mm, you should be able to get 65 or more freezes/ applicator saturations per 170mL canister of Cool Renewal. If you are treating lesions that are smaller than 5mm, you may get more than 65 freezes. If you are frequently treating lesions that are larger than 5mm, you may get less than 65 freezes. 

What is the shelf life of Cool Renewal®? Does it expire or evaporate?

Cool Renewal does not expire or evaporate, and has a minimum shelf life of 2 Years from the time the canister is opened. 

What’s the difference between Cool Renewal® and other canister based cryosurgery products?

 Cool Renewal and some other canister based products both use an aerosol based canister system and similar applicators. Cool Renewal fills the gaps of competitor products by offering foam tipped applicators in 6 sizes, disposable isolation funnels in larger sizes for larger lesions, and patented Skin Tag Tweezers that are unique to our Cool Renewal system. Most importantly, Cool Renewal costs approximately 30% less than other canister based products, offering lower up-front costs with a lower cost per treatment. In addition to Lower upfront costs, Cool Renewal offers a simplified range of products, making purchasing a breeze.

How do I store my Cool Renewal® canister?

Cool Renewal canisters should be stored at room temperature, and should not be subjected to temperatures over 120°F. Since Cool Renewal is packaged in an aerosol based canister, there is a pressure release valve located on the bottom. If the canister is subjected to temperatures above 120°F, there is a chance that this valve could be activated and all cryogen will expel from the canister. If you are planning to transport the canister in hot conditions, it is advisable to place the canister in a cooler or area where temperatures do not exceed 120°F .

Are there special shipping requirements or HAZMAT Fees?

Because Cool Renewal is a non-flammable liquefied gas, it can only be shipped by ground service, ORM-D. There are no HAZMAT fees associated with Cool Renewal. For detailed shipping information, please contact Cool Renewal, LLC directly at 615.844.0132 or

I’m a first time user. Which product should I purchase first and how much does it cost?

 For first time users, we suggest purchasing one of the Cool Renewal Starter Kits (Item CR-K or CR-K1). These Kits will include (1) or (2) 170mL canisters of cryogen, instructions for use, practice materials, and all applicators. Item # CR-K will provide approximately 130 treatments, based on treating lesions 5mm in size. Item # CR-K1 will provide approximately 65 treatments, based on treating lesions 5mm in size. Most customers prefer Item # CR-K, as it provides (2) canisters of cryogen, reducing your chances of running out between patients. Item # CR-K is the most cost efficient, but the CR-K1 is a great alternative for clinics with a smaller up front purchasing budget. Replacement canisters and applicators may be purchased separately at a lower cost. Contact your Medical or Veterinary Supply Distributor, or for pricing. If you need assistance locating a distributor, please contact our Customer Service Department at 615.844.0132 or .

How do I apply the cryogen to the skin lesion?

Cool Renewal should never be applied without the use of a designated Cool Renewal applicator. NEVER open spray the cryogen onto skin without using an isolation funnel provided. The purpose of applicators is to protect the healthy tissue around the skin lesion being frozen. An open spray without using an applicator will result in destruction of healthy surrounding tissue. We provide 3 applicators in multiple sizes: Foam Tipped Applicators, Skin Tag Tweezers, and Plastic Isolation Funnels. 

When should I use one applicator over another?

Foam Tipped Applicators are great for treating lesions in hard to reach areas, bony surfaces, sensitive areas such as the head/face/neck, or anywhere a tight seal or accumulation of cryogen cannot be achieved with an isolation funnel. Isolation funnels are good for treating fleshy tissue areas such as the torso and bottom of the feet. Isolation funnels should only be used if a tight seal and cryogen accumulation can be achieved. Skin Tag Tweezers are designed to “squeeze” any skin lesions that are pedunculated or hang away from the body. Tweezers can be used to squeeze the entire “tag” or can be applied to the base of the stalk to destroy blood supply. The Applicator Instructional Video can be viewed online at or

How long should I freeze each lesion?

Freezing times are based on the size and location of the skin lesion. For thin skin and sensitive areas such as the face, eyes, or ears or extremities, a freeze time of 20-25 seconds with a minimum thaw time of 40 seconds is desirable. For these sensitive areas, it is better to under-freeze versus over freeze. The treatment can always be repeated if necessary. Lesions that are 6mm or larger in size can be frozen for up to 40 seconds, with a minimum thaw time of 40 seconds. For larger, thicker lesions such a plantar warts, up to 3 consecutive freeze-thaw cycles may be performed in the same visit, allowing a minimum thaw time of 40 seconds between each freeze. 

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